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[edit] fCMS v5.0 Site System

The fCMS SiteSystem in Version 5 is powered by an object orientend php driven backend, using xml technology in all aspects of configuration and page creation. Each page is described in a so called control file, providing a flexible way of combining multiple sources of information and contents into a final webpage.

For more details about the site system visit the About page.

[edit] License

The fCMS SiteSystem and the accompanying Firefox Extension fDebug are provided free of charge under the terms of the freepoint public license. Other modules and extensions may have different and/or commerical licenses.

[edit] Download

You can download and install the lastest snapshot from the fCMS SiteSystem here. Please verify that your system meets all the technical requirements before you install:

  • Download fCMS v5.0 SiteSystem [Build: 2008-04-19]
Update note: The fDebug release included in the latest snapshots requires the latest version of the accompanying extension.
Windows Warning:The SiteSystem runtime consists of two folders, one (v5.0) being a symbolic link to the other (v5.0.{releasedate}). When run on windows, the symlink won't work and your archiver (for example winrar) might get confused and destroy the files when extracting! Please make sure you are using an archiver fully supporting tar.bz2 in that case or download the zip version without the symlink).
  • Download fCore / fDebug Extension (installer for Firefox only)
  • Download Skeleton runtime and template archive [Build: 2007-05-09]
  • Download fCMS Example Site [Build: 2006-12-29]

Please be aware of the fact that this software is under development and a snapshot might not yet be always stable. We're working on official stable builds for the near future.

[edit] Documentation

Reference section and general documentation of the SiteSystem internals. Describing all the control-xml commands, preprocessor tags, the overlay-processing, the ACL subsystem and all modules available in the standard distribution.
In case you want to write your own modules or extend an existing module with your own plugin, this section is what you are looking for: it covers the internal class and their public apis, describes how a module or a plugin is to be build and how you can contribute modules to the system.
fCMS Content Management Module
Get an idea how the fCMS SiteSystem processes a page, what the system is capable of and how its internal logic works.
Read this section if you're new to the fCMS SiteSystem and want to understand the filesystem structure of both, the runtime itself and the structures used for individual websites
This section covers the basic virtual host configuration and the general settings to be adjusted for use with the SiteSystem. This is for reference only - for a detailed beginners how-to, please check the Tutorials section.

[edit] Tutorials

This tutorial is a detailed howto for beginners. It tries to cover all the steps required to get a working fCMS Setup, including php and apache setup on Linux and Windows. (work in progress ;) )

... more Tutorials

[edit] Support

Currently only irc based support is available:

channel: #fcms

Commercial Support is available upon request. Please contact [[1]] for details.

[edit] Wishlist & ToDo

The development team is working constantly to enhance the fCMS SiteSystem. To see what our current "open items" are, check out this page.
Miss a feature? Want to have a module added? Have your own module become part of the distribution? Checkout the whishlist page!
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